EYEMINE provides insights at every level

EYEMINE specialises in on site asset validation weight & volume studies through to real-time data collection campaigns, permanent installation and dedicated technical support to our clients.


EYEMINE are an independent non-bias tech services business delivering value through our onsite data collection campaigns such as:

  • Onsite Validation Studies
  • Onsite Weight & Volume Studies
  • Onsite Material Density and Fragmentation Studies
  • Onsite Validation of Onboard Scales
  • Onsite Validations of Excavator FMS systems
  • Onsite ROM Ash Delivery
  • Onsite Permanent installation of Load + Haul solutions
  • Onsite Productivity Efficiency Studies
  • Onsite Technical Support and Resources Support

Through the deployment of our technical services and technology to site, we measure and deliver a full turn-key validation solution that drives “source of truth” data formats and asset performance insights to our clients through the EYE-ANALYSE platform.

EYEMINE’s data science-first approach delivers business value along the value chain.

Using one solution, you can deliver equipment insights at all hierarchy levels, deliver real-time data insights for individual applications, and give both understanding and accountability to each business function.