A.I. platform for asset-intensive industries

EYE-TALPA is an industrial A.I. tool with a unique collection of proven data science models, deep industry expertise, and a comprehensive library of industrial asset data.

Our tool empowers you with new knowledge that can rapidly improve business performance, optimise spending, and reduce operational risk faster than any other industrial analytics company.

We make information more accessible and actionable in order to improve operations, augment human decision-making, and drive rapid industrial-scale optimisation.


Sensors > Data Integration > Analytics > Actionable Insights

  • A powerful data logging device captures data from embedded and retrofit sensors on the machine
  • All raw data is logged at a resolution of 10 Hz (or higher, if required)
  • Proprietary EDGE-compression technology allows for versatile delivery to the platform and low-cost data transfer
  • WiFi, LTE, and M2M communication for various applications
  • High-quality GPS module and inertial motion unit (IMU)


  • Utilisations & idle time
  • Production tonnage
  • Fuel consumption
  • Number & duration of cycles
  • Engine hours / Machine operating hours
  • Average speed at stages
  • Haulage distances (full / empty)
  • Material flow georeferenced (by mineral cluster / waste)
  • Hot zone detection / trend recognition
  • Optimisation potential & notifications
  • Asset health conditions visualisations
  • Prioritisation of maintenance attention
  • Automated maintenance scheduling based on engine hours, utilisation & OEM recommendations

Business models: an OEM-agnostic fleet analytics solution with clear insights

  • The ability to connect all assets on one platform
  • Standard and customisable reporting about fleet performance: for quick and data-driven business decisions
  • Access to a detailed health status report for each asset: understanding maintenance needs in near-real time
  • No-code business intelligence suite: tailored analytics for entire or partial fleet or single asset performance; over 200 ready asset dimensions to choose from for particular types of heavy equipment
  • Access to raw signals in a 1-second resolution view: an easy and transparent way to investigate the root causes of events, incidents, accidents, warranty claims, etc.
  • Fleet-wide maintenance application for digital shift handover


  • No-CAPEX implementation: subscription-based with an unlimited number of users
  • Instant information about health status leads to a significant reduction in mean-time-to-repair (MTTR) and longer periods between failures (MTBF)
  • Significant reduction in fuel consumption by eliminating unnecessary events (such as idling) and optimising machine deployment (more tonnes carried, routes, etc.)
  • Workforce deployment optimisation: defining needs for training, managing working time, etc. The expected return exceeds 10 times the cost of the solution on average