EYE-SCAN is a non-contact mining Haul Truck Volume Scanning System used to measure loads of bulk loose material in real time

The EYE-SCAN system scans volumetric loads of mining haul trucks in dynamic mode below an elevated scan head.

When a dump truck crosses the scanned area below the scan head, it falls within the field of view of the laser scanners which perform thousands of distance measurements per second, creating an accurate profile and volume measurement.

The speed of the EYE-SCAN software platform enables for fast calculation and transportation of real time feedback and key metrics, to optimise loading of each mining truck tracking all commodity moved through validation performance testing or in real-time 24/7.

Volume scanning substantially improves the accuracy of the Data.
Volume Scanning Benefits!

Volume scanning substantially improves the accuracy of the Data. Volume Scanning Benefits!


  • Identify each and every commodity moved
  • Measure actual volumes, not estimated or converted weight
  • Track real-time $ BCM and contract KPI’s
  • Improved Load + Haul performance and optimise truck factors
  • Measure and alert of Carry-Back thresholds
  • Automate and track truck patterns, locations etc.
  • Visual 3D reports on loaded bodies
  • Analyse the suitability of the truck and body batch to loading equipment
  • Seamless data interface and mine management system


  • Volume scanning is complementary to measuring weight with scales
  • Combining weight and volume for measuring payloads is more accurate
  • Combination of volume and weight gives accurate material densities
  • Converting from volume back to weight using bulk density factors has proven more accurate than using onboard or dynamic weighing systems
  • Volume scanning measures actual load volumes in truck bodies, regardless of the theoretical load capacity


Using accurate data to optimise mine asset investment — obtaining accurate data is just the beginning! EYEMINE is taking data to the next level through a systematic approach with our specialist technology and Solutions, utilising both experience and logic to gather and thoroughly analyse payload data. This enables us to develop a comprehensive suite of actions and deployables that mining companies can use to enhance the performance of their haul fleets.
Truck ScanIT software which is a off the shelf data and 3D viewer software that processes into the correct CSV format for ingestion into the EYEMINE platform.
Through to the EYE-ANALYSE dynamic reporting platform, with all insights and centralised data collection location.