Real-Time Production Data

Our turnkey solution, in-field hardware, and maintenance services give miners the end-to-end capabilities needed to accurately monitor, understand and improve production and fleet performance of any of their machinery in real-time.

EYEMINE provides you the facts in real-time - no assumptions, fictitious calculations, or estimations - enabling your team to improve operations and bottom-line results before the opportunity to do so is lost.


EYEMINE is a real-time data, loT + Al solution platform used to collect, automate and process identified data sources for analysis by our systemised application, live scanner outputs and experience and logic.

This solution creates a user-friendly asset management dashboard that allows key personnel at multiple-levels in mining organisations to monitor particular areas of the dig & haul process and make informed decisions, plus action them, in real-time to positively impact performance and deliver continuous mining optimisation.

EYEMINE real-time data, Al + loT platform enables you to:

  • Simply ingest data from anywhere, both within and outside customers organisation to create a real-time single source of truth.
  • Integration of already existing base platform linked to live payload scanning technologies to ensure data is received and displayed as a solution.
  • Custom business logic, trigger automations and alerts, optimising processed based on real-time data.

EYEMINE comes fully-featured as-standard:

  • 100% interoperable. EYEMINE enables the agnostic ingestion of data from our payload scanners & scales, anywhere to give a complete, credible real-time single source of truth.
  • Enterprise security as-standard. EYEMINE has enterprise-level security features + DR baked-in so that your data remains safe and confidential at all points of your loT environment.
  • Works with your infrastructure. Ready-to-go and can connect to on-premises technologies to unlock Industry 4.0 capabilities, simply, no matter your existing technology stack.
  • Complete lifecycle, lifetime view. We enable you to report on a mine's or organisation's complete lifecycle across its lifetime, so users can look at the micro or the macro in one place.
  • Future-proof SaaS, not PaaS. EYEMINE is regularly updated, patched and upgraded to give you the easy-to-use tools that enhance every aspect of your role and continue to evolve.
  • Deploy in weeks. EYEMINE and the solutions built on it are designed to be fast to deploy, de-risking projects and speeding up time to value.

EYEMINE allows you to review key measures in real-time, assess machine and operator performance, and execute insight - led decisions that enable you to measurable business results such as payloads, loading efficiencies, material density, carry back, Co2 reduction to optimise fleet performance!

Truck Volume Analysis
  • Volume Scanning (m3)
  • Underload analysis (m3)
  • Overload analysis (m3)
  • Off-centre loading (m3)
  • Angle of Repose (AoR)
  • Carry back (m3)
  • Pass matching (m3)
  • Freeboard validation (mm)
  • Truck Body analysis (m3)
  • Material Fragmentation
  • Material Density (SG)
  • BCM impact statement ($)
  • Empty vehicle weight (EVW)
  • Gross vehicle weight (GVW)
  • Overload analysis (t)
  • Underload analysis (t)
  • Weight distribution (%)
  • Pass matching (t)
  • Truck body analysis (t)
  • Tyre load & distribution (t)
  • Material Density (SG)
  • Fleet Validation
  • Haul Fleet validation
  • Load Fleet validation
  • Truck Body validation
  • Load Attachment validation
  • Onboard weight validation
  • Fleet Management validation (FMS)
  • Material Density validation
  • Fleet Analysis & Tracker
  • Haul fleet efficiency studies
  • Payload optimisation studies
  • Productivity studies
  • Truck body evaluation
  • Load attachment evaluation
  • Truck body replacement program
  • Total cost of ownership
  • Onsite asset inspection
  • Asset monitoring program
  • Asset justification creation
  • Asset scope of work creation
  • Measure CO2 emissions (24hrs)
  • Carbon intensity (tCO2/Mt)
  • Carbon productive rates (tCO2/Mt)
  • Carbon idle rates (tCO2/Mt)
  • Carbons emitted (tCO2)
  • Emission intensity (kgCO2/L)
  • Cycle rate
  • Fuel consumption
  • Fuel burn (L/hr)
  • Daily emission vs. target
  • Percentage of tCO2
  • Target to threshold reporting