EYEMINE is a Mining Optimisation Solution that allows you to review key measures in real-time, assess machine and operator performance, and execute insight-led decisions that enable you to produce measurable business results such as load volumes, loading efficiencies, material density, carry-back, CO2 reduction to optimise fleet performance.

How we achieve results

By using our Load Volume Scanners and other technologies to drive real time data to our EYEMINE platform 24/7, we have created an automated, no touch point, low maintenance system for data collection that is fed into the EYEMINE dashboard. This ensures there are no assumptions, fictitious calculations or estimations used, resulting in accurate data and results.

Problems we help you solve

Scope 1 Emissions Target

Haul truck fleets generate 25-30% of all scope 1 emissions on a mine site, with diesel usage by mobile plant and crushing equipment contributing up to 40-50% of CO2 emissions. By understanding and optimising your haul fleet and loading practices in real time, you can make significant reductions to scope 1 emissions today, not in 6 months when an audit is required, resulting in:

  • Cheaper Capital
  • Reduced Insurance Premiums
  • Shareholder Climate Risk Disclosure data
  • Reduced CO2 footprint

Haul Fleet Efficiencies

Helping you optimise mine performance with accurate payload information while achieving lower cost-per-tonne of material hauled, improved productivity and increased profits. Asset selection along with optimal loading practices are key parts of the optimisation process. Incorrect usage of haul fleets and truck body selection can lead to many inefficiencies through:

  • Extra trucks required
  • Longer cycle times
  • Asset underloading & Overloading
  • Increase fuel, tyres, operators, maintenance and more

Accurate Material Density and Receiving Alerts

With Preparation Plants being the second biggest contributor to Scope 1 emissions, running the cleanest ROM through the Prep Plant is essential. Setting up EYEMINE to measure ROM Ash material density and being alerted as soon as the ASH content is above the set parameter or threshold, can help production make instant decisions, relocate loading equipment, and get mining back on track. This will lead to cleaner and more efficient ROM, with less passes through the plant resulting in reduced Scope 1 emissions and profitability.

Off-Centre Loading

Incorrect loading practices where loads are loaded un-evenly to one side or front to back, cause extra stress on components and can lead to overloading or under loading to compensate. With instant access to data on fleet loading, preventative measures can be implemented to help trainers improve practices and efficiencies.

  • Body & Payload
  • Chassis life reduction
  • Suspension damage
  • Wheel and tyre damage


Overloading can have a massive impact on a haul fleet, EYEMINE tracks and gathers historical data that can reduce costly shortcomings to each and every asset.

  • Overheating Tyres = Damage
  • Reduced Productivity = increased cost/tonne hauled
  • Premature replacement = increased operational costs
  • Accelerated component wear = unplanned maintenance


Under loading in a haul fleet can add to additional truck movements, increased CO2 emissions and reduced profitability. Having real time data of each truck that is loaded can help production managers and engineers make instant decisions to alert operators and increase the load to the correct volume.


A common problem depending on where you are mining is Carry-back. Carry-back can seriously impact mining yields and reduce productivity. Working in conjunction with our scanners, EYEMINE can identify Carry-back and alert operators so actions can be made, actions can be made to achieve full optimisation.

Key performance indicators measured for reporting and real time analysis

  • Under loading

  • Overloading

  • Carry-back

  • Off-Centre Loading

  • Truck Body selection

  • ROM Ash Material Density

  • CO2 Carbon Density

    EYEMINE helps companies automate collection and analysis of the data they need for accurate & trusted production, financial and environmental reporting compliant with audits requirements.

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